Minister’s Welcome



It is my pleasure to welcome you to First Parish in Cambridge. This incredible community is engaged, caring and eager for you to discover more about our vibrant lives here in Harvard Square.

As Unitarian Universalists, we believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all beings and our community warmly embraces people of all abilities, all gender, race, sexual orientation and ethnic identities and socio-economic locations with open arms.  In addition, our commitment to the free and independent search for truth and meaning allows us to open our doors, our hearts and our minds to all faith traditions.  Whatever your background or perspective, we believe you have a place with us.  These are values we actively live every day.

As part of the historic Cambridge community, I also invite you to learn more about our connection to the past and present life of our surroundings.  Our iconic building is the 5th meeting house and serves a congregation that has roots going back to the early 17th century.  Over the years, our ministers have included early revolutionary leaders, scholars, activists and musicians.  We host a variety of notable events through the year and have welcomed an incredible array of globally recognized public speakers who have delighted and challenged those who attend.

But history and notoriety alone do not make a community.  Here at First Parish, you will find people of all ages and life experiences with a wide array of interests and passions.  Each one of us has come here for a different purpose, but each one of us finds the same grounding and sense of belonging that is so dear in today’s world.  First Parish is people and we cherish what it means to be in authentic relationship, with one another, with our surroundings and with our world.

I invite you to join us on Sunday morning at 10:30am to meet some of the incredible people of this community, to enjoy our music and service, to have your children explore their world through our Religious Education program, to live our vibrant history and to feel the love of this wonderful community.

Welcome home!

Adam Lawrence Dyer, Minister
617-876-7772 x203

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