Sunday Suppers to Welcome Adam

Welcoming our new Lead Minister Adam Lawrence Dyer means getting acquainted! We’d like to have all members, and newcomers interested in becoming a part of our community, to do just that with a series of informal gatherings between November and late March. Sunday supper gatherings are scheduled in some member’s homes (see schedule below). There will also be at least one hosted event at First Parish to be sure we have accessible space for all interested in coming.

These are opportunities for you to get to know one another in mostly small gatherings of 6 to 10 in a relaxed and congenial atmosphere. Please note that all guests–whether active or inactive members or newcomers—are welcome. Here’s how and when to participate:

DateLocationHost(s)No. of Guests
November 5, 2017Mid-CambridgeSylvia Wheeler10
November 19, 2017East CambridgeDevon & Anita Kinkead30-40
December 10, 2017Inman Square, CambridgeRashid Shaikh & Sharon deVos5
December 17, 2017SomervilleGrace Hall6
January 7, 2018ArlingtonJennifer Griffith & Linda Clark7
January 28, 2018WatertownRobin Brown8-12
February 11, 2018North CambridgeSusan Shepherd & Marcia Hams10
February 25, 2018SomervilleAllegra & Laura Heath-Stout15
March 11, 2018North CambridgeCade Murray & Karin Lin10
March 25Harvard Square - First ParishVolunteer Team50

Guests can sign up for a Sunday Supper by following this link. You can also sign up at Sunday social hours in November. Please choose one event to attend that is close to where you live if possible so that you can get acquainted with others in your “neighborhood”. If you are unable to attend an event in your neighborhood, please choose one that is convenient for you. Spaces are limited so you may be asked to join another location. You will be contacted by the host who will coordinate the meal arrangements and guests will be asked to contribute a food or beverage item. Potlucks are a great way to meet new friends and learn about each other and our First Parish community Be sure to bring your calendars with you on Sundays!

While we have enough hosts to get the welcome series well underway, we would like to offer a gathering in all of the many neighborhoods we serve so please let us know if you would be interested in being a host. Members can fill out a “Potlucks in Homes” host form online or at Sunday social hour. Hosts will be contacted if there is a need to expand the event offerings.

Welcome Potluck Team
Rashid Shaikh
Linda West
Sylvia Wheeler