Program Groups

Circle Dance Meditation Group

Circle Dance is a moving meditation done to beautiful world music in a supportive circle of community. These folk style dances are fairly simple and straightforward, often involving just a few steps. When the body is engaged in these repetitive motions and simultaneously resonating to powerful music, the mind slips into a meditative state and stress just falls away. Step by step we reconnect to ourselves, to others, and to something greater than all of us. For more information contact CircleDance [at] firstparishcambridge [dot] org.

Contact Name: Kaeza Fearn

Middle East Education Group

The group strives to promote deeper knowledge and understanding of current issues in the Middle East, especially where our government or the United Nations plays a role. This is done by offering educational opportunities such as films, book discussions, and lectures. Much of the programming concerns the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict. For more information e-mail MEEG [at] firstparishcambridge [dot] org

Contact name:  Susan Nye

Spanish Conversation Group

Bienvenidxs a todxs! This is an informal, friendly gathering for conversation in Spanish as part of First Parish’s mission of creating multicultural community. Whether you are a native speaker or have only basic conversational ability, you are welcome! The group meets on the first and third Tuesdays from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm in the Baldwin Room and you may drop in at any time. For more information email spanish [at] firstparishcambridge [dot] org.

Contact Name:  Rebecca Balder

Women Writing Together

A warm gathering of women who enjoy the process of writing in their notebook together, in a safe, confidential environment, with no negative criticism allowed. Women writing together seeks to foster women’s personal expression through writing together in a safe, supportive environment. No previous writing experience is required; the group is confidential, and no critical feedback is allowed. The experienced leader suggests optional prompts to spark our writing, and after the writing time is over, people have the option of read their writing out loud. All women are welcome, any time, to join us in the delight of discovering our voices. See First Parish weekly announcements for meeting dates.

Contact: womenwriting [at] firstparishcambridge [dot] org

Women’s Sacred Circle

The Women’s Sacred Circle provides a safe, sacred space for women to explore their connection to feminine spirituality, to the earth, and to each other, celebrating the Goddess within each woman. In order to foster a deep sense of trust and community, we ask members to commit to coming as often as possible for an entire year. New members (and those curious about joining) are welcome during our annual open circle the 1st Saturday in October. For information e-mail WomensCircle [at] firstparishcambridge [dot] org

Contact name: Eileen Maher

Young Adult Group (YAG)

YAG is a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive community of young adults aged 18-35. With our community as a foundation, our activities serve as a catalyst for personal and spiritual growth. We meet most weeks after service and go to lunch in Harvard Square. YAG also sponsors Sustenance for the Soul every Tuesday at 7:30 PM at the church. This is a weekly series of complimentary, spiritually-centered activities through which YAG members grow together as a community while cultivating their own spiritual lives. Get more information or subscribe to our email lists at or email youngadults [at] firstparishcambridge [dot] org

Contact name: Alex Taylor
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