Path to Membership

It is a profoundly important decision to join a community. Being a part of the community at First Parish in Cambridge opens the door to unique opportunities to learn about, grow and share our many gifts and interests. Becoming firmly rooted in the immense joys and meaningful challenges of building Beloved Community broadens our reach into the many faiths, cultural experiences and desires for deep connection that we bring. The members of our spiritual community need to know that, together, we can 1)count on one another to help nourish and maintain beloved community, 2) commit to our covenant, programs, and historic building, and 3) care for one another as the joys and challenges of life present themselves.

    There are three basic steps you need to complete:

  • Attend a membership session
  • Submit an application to the Standing Committee
  • Make a financial pledge to First Parish


These single sessions are designed to give individuals an understanding of how our church operates, expectations of membership and provides a brief history of our Parish and our faith.

This class is offered to anyone who is interested in joining our community, whether lifelong UU or a newcomer to our faith.

After you have attended the orientation, submitted your application, and made your pledge, the Standing Committee will then vote to accept you into membership. New members are voted in monthly but are recognized at the next scheduled New Member Recognition Service. During that morning you will sign the official books of First Parish and First Church, a ritual affirmation and historical record of membership.

William Williamson, our Membership Coordinator, can give you details about the process or answer questions about First Parish. He can be reached at membership [at] firstparishcambridge [dot] org. Information about pledging and pledge forms are available on the Giving page.

We look forward to getting to know you.

Either the PDF or Word file below may be downloaded, completed, saved to your computer and e-mailed to the address above.




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