Pastoral Care

Our Senior Minister has primary responsibility for all pastoral care and counseling in the church community, and is the first tier of pastoral care expertise and responsibility. Given the size of the First Parish congregation, the minister’s pastoral activities are devoted primarily to crisis work – severe illness, accident or death, and short term counseling.

Pastoral Associates are trained members who assist our minister in pastoral care and have two roles: First, they bring cheer, consolation and companionship in times of difficulty and transition. Their involvement will be carefully considered, confidential and time-limited. Psychological or pastoral counseling is not part of the work of a Pastoral Associate. The Pastoral Associates take turns being primary-on-duty for a month’s period. The name of the Pastoral Associate on duty is announced in the weekly printed and emailed announcements.

If you need assistance or want to share news about life transitions, please contact the church office. Such information will be given to the Pastoral Associate on duty. In an emergency the information will also be promptly passed along to the minister. You may also email the on-duty Associate directly at Pastoralcare [at] firstparishcambridge [dot] org. The minister and Pastoral Associates meet monthly to share information and coordinate care efforts.

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