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Elevator Update – January 12, 2018

Good News!
After a series of very productive meetings with our elevator contractor we have been able to determine
the best way forward to get our elevator functional again. Unfortunately, this fix will still take some time
but with any luck the wait will be measured in days and at most weeks as opposed to months. Although
we entered these talks with the mindset of replacing the unit, that is a solution that is both beyond our
current budget (likely seven figures) and has been determined to be unnecessary for the time being. We
are able to move forward by replacing several key parts that have worn out over the 14 year life of the
machine. We will also improve and upgrade other elements that should allow the elevator to work
consistently. What will be crucial is for us to monitor how it is used so that we do not over extend its

The other exciting result of our talks this week is having gained even more clarity and encouragement to
support our efforts to improve and protect our historic and heavily used building. With the support of
the Finance Committee and by next bringing in the institutional knowledge of our long-dedicated
Building and Grounds Team we are hoping to look forward at more long term options for accessibility
and exciting possibilities for building upgrades and renovations. We hope to begin with a comprehensive
plan but we are still in the very early stages of this process. We will keep you posted as we learn more!

We will have an elevator technician present on Saturday to run the elevator manually as needed.
Unfortunately, we are not able to have this technician on site for Sunday. We will be working with our
contractors over the week to see if we can have a solution for next Sunday, January 21. In the
meantime, please keep looking at this space for more information.

Thank you all again for your encouraging messages and for your patience!
The First Parish Team

Ordination/Installation of Adam Lawrence Dyer – 1/13/18 at Noon

We will joyously ordain Adam as a Unitarian Universalist minister and then install him as our Lead Minister in a service of Ordination and Installation on Saturday, January 13 at Noon. A reception will follow in Helverson Parlor. Everyone is welcome to join in this celebratory occasion.