Capital Improvement Plan

At the June 2016 Semi-Annual Meeting, the congregation voted to approve a Line of Credit loan to pay for capital improvements over the next ten years.

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The Standing Committee, Buildings and Grounds Committee, and the Finance Committee will jointly maintain a Capital Improvement Plan. Only projects officially placed on this plan may be funded by the Line of Credit.

Capital Improvement Plan Projects List

Status is current as of July 24, 2016.  The timeline for each project may be shifted based on emergent needs.

Project Start Year Planned Cost Est. in Current $ Status
Replace Boiler 2016 $280,000 In progress
Full Roof Repair 2016 $100,000
Kitchen Floor 2016 $15,000 In progress
Repoint West Wall 2017 $50,000
A/C 2016 $70,000  In progress
Access Ramp 2019 $20,000
East Wall 2021 $400,000
South Wall 2024 $250,000
Repoint Foundation 2025 $30,000
Front Brickwork 2025 $20,000

Standing Committee welcomes feedback and suggestions for Capital Improvement Projects and the Plan.  Please email Standing Committee at