Social Hour

At First Parish in Cambridge, we host a weekly social hour after Sunday’s worship service. We believe this time highlights the generosity of those attending First Parish and their commitment to sustaining a welcoming community. Staff ensure that there is coffee, tea, and water each week. We need Volunteers to help with setup and to donate food each week.   This is a wonderful way to contribute to the work of our congregation without attending a single meeting!

Here is what we need each week:

Social Hour Setup Volunteers

  • 1-2 people each week
  • Arrive at 10AM on Sunday
  • Arrange food donations on plates and prepare main table for social hour
  • During final song at worship, head to the kitchen and put out snacks

Food Donation Volunteers

  • 3+ Volunteers each week
  • Drop off snacks between 10-10:20AM on Sunday

Popular food donations include:

  1.  bagels with cream cheese or other spreads
  2. fruit or carrots (for congregants with food allergies)
  3.  baked goods, pastries, sweets, etc.

Ready to help out?  Please contact Membership Coordinator, Will Williamson

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