2016-2017 Stewardship Committee
Don Tucker (chair) – Email:
Karin Lin, Susan Shepherd and Linda West

Suggested Contribution Guide

Generosity is a Spiritual Practice! Gifts of time, talents, and financial resources are our opportunity to give and grow together. When our contributions are combined with the gifts of others, we grow together as a community sharing in a common purpose. This is the essential meaning of Stewardship. Members and friends of First Parish support our church community by making annual pledges, contributing at weekly collection, donating to special fundraisers and by also volunteering their time and talents.

The Annual Stewardship Campaign is the financial foundation for the operation of First Parish. It supports all the ingredients that go into making this church a place for learning, for service, for worship…a place for solace and celebration. First Parish in Cambridge is committed to providing inspiring worship, excellent religious education, a caring community, and opportunities to put our values into action and create a more just society. Who should give? Members of First Parish, friends who participate in groups and activities, parents of children in the Religious Education program–everyone connected to First Parish should make a contribution based on their income and level of involvement.

Many of us come to First Parish without previous experience in a church. Stewardship and pledging are new concepts to us. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions. The Congregational Administrator, Ministers and members of the Stewardship Committee are happy to talk to you and answer questions.

Operating expenses never go away. They don’t wait for the markets to recover or gas prices to drop. We are committed to paying our ministers and staff a fair compensation. We need to ensure our historic building is maintained and remains in excellent condition. We need to support our programs, social justice work and diversity initiatives. The First Parish Treasurer and Finance Committee members can answer questions. The budget is discussed and voted upon at the membership of First Parish at Semi-Annual Meetings.

A gift to First Parish honoring or memorializing your loved one is a thoughtful and meaningful way of expressing your sympathy or good wishes. Families will sometimes request, in an obituary, that memorial gifts be made to the First Parish in Cambridge. Gifts in honor of a special occasion or accomplishment may also be directed to the First Parish Endowment.

First Parish is developing a Planned Giving program.

Other fundraising occurs throughout the year including our Annual Community Auction, fundraising for social justice issues, fundraising for special programs and the annual Fred Small concert. Some fundraisers support First Parish programs while others support community groups. Procedures and policies for fundraising are set by Standing Committee.

“If First Parish is only getting the change left in my pocket or is being given the same amount of money I give to non-profit or political groups, it doesn’t reflect the value of the community in my life” – First Parish member