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Adam Lawrence Dyer PhotoMeet Our New Lead Minister, Adam Lawrence Dyer

On May 7th the congregation voted unanimously to call Adam, and he will be with us beginning September 5.  He will preach for the first time as our settled minister on Homecoming Sunday, September 10.

Learn more about Adam and read the press release announcing Adam's call by following this link.

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  • Mandy Neff, DRE tells Lunar New Year story for all ages
  • Courageous Love Award 2015
  • Gospel Sunday
  • Tuesday Meals
  • Ferry Beach Retreat 2015
  • Social Justice
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  • Transformation Workshop on White Privilege
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Our Mission

Awakened by worship, nourished by tradition, and united by love, we strive to create a multicultural, spirit-filled community that works for justice, fosters spiritual curiosity and faith formation, shares joy, heals brokenness, and celebrates the sacred in all.
We welcome people of all beliefs, ages, classes, colors, ethnicities, abilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities and expressions.

Our Covenant
In covenant with one another
and all we hold sacred
We answer the call of love.
Welcoming all people
into the celebration of life
Searching for truth and meaning
and striving for justice and compassion
To nourish and serve each other,
our community and our world.
Nuestro Convenio
En convenio mutuo y con todo lo que consideramos sagrado,
respondiendo al llamado del amor,
invitamos a todos a la celebración de la vida,
buscamos la verdad y el sentido del ser,
y nos esforzamos para alcanzar la justicia y la compasión,
para apoyarnos y servirnos mutuamente,
a nuestra comunidad y a nuestro mundo
Adoptado por voto de la congregación el 9 de Noviembre del 2003.
Traducido por Lilia Cuervo.

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